Knowledgeable Work Zone Safety Crews

Highway - Work Zone Safety

No matter what kind of work zone you're running, contact All State Traffic Control of PA, Inc. to provide you with the most effective and efficient safety crew possible. With each member of our staff qualified to provide full M&P, our crew members are here to take care of whatever you need.  We mobilize company vehicles, complete with all the necessary signage, to design, construct, setu, and break-down your work zone. With our extensive knowledge of industry standard, including the federal MUTCD and all state DOT Publications, we are experienced in and prepared to provide full Maintainence & Protection of Traffic to every type of work zone, including: 

• Heavy  / Highway Construction
• Gas Drilling and Rig Moves
• Utility Construction

• Millling and Paving
• Curb Cutting and Streetscaping
• Fiber Optic and Cable Errection

• Crane Positioning / Obstruction
• Surveyor's Activity
• Bridge Construction


                            SAFETY   IS   OUR   JOB,   

                                 S O    Y O U    C A N   Y O U R S !




To ensure your work zone's safety, contact us for quotes today!