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Flagging Services

Receive the best in safety services for your job when you hire All State Traffic Control of PA, Inc. for all of your flagging needs. With certifications from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and California, our team can work with you wherever you need.  With our 24/7 live dispatch, we are here when you need us to provide coverage for last-minute or emergency work.


The Best Staff for the Job

We are professionals, not a temp service. All flaggers come equipped with ANSI Class 3 Retroreflective AM/PM uniforms, steel-toe boots, hardhats, commercial-grade two-way radios, retroreflective stop/slow paddles, night wands, and flags. 

Once hired, our employees are put through an extensive training program at the All State Institute.  All flaggers are certified through the American Traffic Safety Services Association, OSHA 40 for Construction, and Williams and Shell gas drilling.  Their vast and thorough training prepares them to work in all work zones and in all conditions.

                                     SAFETY   IS   OUR   JOB,   

                                       S O    Y O U    C A N   Y O U R S !


Learn more about our certified flagging services when you contact us for quotes today!